Should you list your house on AirBnB? How does it work and what are the downsides? Diane Brennan and Tina Tamboer dive deep into not only the basic questions, but the larger picture – including how it affects market demand and lots of things most people don’t realize. Diane talks about her experience with a second home first as a rental property, and then later as listed on AirBnB. She talks about the small steps you can take to help make it an amazing experience for guests while keeping your

There are key things to keep in mind when working out a settlement during a divorce. We talk about getting a home warranty, getting inspections, and what to look out for when talking to realtors. We discussed a lot about divorce and real estate in episode 5, and you should check it out to get the full scope of things to consider. We talk to Dawn Ryan, who is a life coach who specializes in helping people cope with divorce and the entire process. She has a 12-week program that

Jonathon Keenan and Courtney Crowder with Bay Equity Home Loans sit down with us and talk lending and what they love about their jobs! We’ll talk about lending in general as well. We’ll also talk about a Defend the Caveman segment and we’re fully prepared to put the guys in studio on the spot. Talkin’ junk! We talk TikTok videos and discuss the status of the continuing sellers market in real estate with Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker Realty. Diva talks about a fun thing to do at the Chandler

Alison Armstrong joins us for this special episode! She’s spent decades helping women understand men and vice versa. She’s an inspiration and she’ll share some of the secrets to a healthier relationship. Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker Realty sits down with Alison and discusses a few critical thoughts about communication and understanding; The single most important thing a woman can do to keep a relationship strong Daring to share early the thing that you think will make him run What makes a partner, a boyfriend, or a playmate! Why and

It’s time for us to have some fun with Justin Volpone of Bay Equity Home Loans! A very informative episode where Diane Brennan of Coldwell Banker Realty and friends discuss things you need to know before or get ready for when taking out a loan. Justin runs us through the process and gives some tips that are essential to the process. We also dive a bit further into the world of “Chief” our technical director. You’ll love this fun part of the conversation.  Diva Danielle, our Social Community Director talks

Why realtors don’t want to help you, low commissions, property management companies, and people with “Staffordshire Terriers”. We’ll talk PMI. It stands for Private Mortgage Insurance and we’ll talk about what it is and how to get rid of it. Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker Realty hosts and will tell you about the state of this crazy real estate market and how it’s changing, and will give you a great tip for saving money on spas during the summer! HUGE NEWS from the Fed – they said they’ll keep interest

We talk about the slight change in the real estate climate, we talk about a friend who was “ghosted” in a relationship and made the terrible mistake of drunk gifting! A little different than drunk dialing! We talk about the poor woman and the lessons learned. Things I learned On TikTok include that there is now a 5th ocean, Magic erasers that sell for $7 under the brand name Mr. Clean are actually melamine sponges that are 200 for $12 on Amazon, and much more. Tom Ross with Bay Equity

Do you ever drive by your old house? No one prepares you for the emotional attachment. Like, when should you stop caring? Is it weird to drive by and yell: “Water!! The Oleanders need water!! It’s taken me 11 years to build those up…and you don’t even care?” We talk about that, we’ll talk about this continuing sellers market, and each week Diva Danielle tells us about a volunteer opportunity in the Valley for you and a fun thing to do. This week the thing to do is the Sunset

Diane and the crew talk about Tom’s trip to Pebble Beach with his dad, and Danielle talks about a really great idea to have client picnics in the park! Everything from the dishes to the lace, Diva sets up wonderful picnics for others. It’s really great and will work with menu options for breakfast or lunch.  They discuss candy and cravings for sweets in general, and how nobody understands how Danielle can only have one! It’s not typical, and we find out who has a complete lack of control, who

Diane Brennan talks about her trip to Clear Sky Resorts – she went this weekend and has lots to share! The crew also sits down with Veronica Chavarria of Leidan Mitchell Hair Salon. We are talking HOT GIRL SUMMER! Veronica also gets into a discussion about where the hot men are in the Valley! “Diva” Danielle talks about a volunteer opportunity with Arizona Autism United, and a fun thing to do at Scottsdale Margarita Fest! Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans talks about some real estate and mortgages as

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