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On this episode we are going to give you a very broad range of topics, including ghosts, roofs, a romantic event for the ladies, and much more! I’m joined as always by “Diva” Danielle Williams, and Tom Ross with Bay Equity. We also have Jen the Builder! First, Tom talks about six common mistakes when you refinance a home. There are so many areas that are critical – these unfortunately these happen all too often. Six Common Mistakes When You Refinance Not comparison shopping Looking for zero percent interest Taking

So much to talk about this week and we’re putting everyone together in the same podcast even though we’re spread from California, to Arizona, and all the way up to Colorado! We’ll talk to Tina Tamboer (currently in Colorado) and That Market Report, and Tom Ross of Bay Equity (currently in California) talks about the importance of your credit score when you’re in the home buying process, and how paying off credit cards might not necessarily help your credit score! Fun Things To Do “Diva” Danielle has a really wonderful

Ladies, we NEED to talk about retirement! It’s time we jump in and get this handled. We talk with my good friend Andi Schooler, of Duell Financial Strategies. We’re going to talk about the biggest mistakes that women make when it comes to retirement, how much women need to retire, and much more! We’ll get a report specifically on the city of Phoenix from Tina Tamboer and That Market Report, and Tom Ross of Bay Equity talks about conventional financing as part of our continuing series on home loans. Our

On today’s episode we’re talking to Tania Lopez-Cepero, a licensed therapist who gives us some great tips and advice regarding how to take care of our mental health through this pandemic! Also, we have some great news about the latest market activity regarding contracts in a certain price range up 64% and what that means for the state of real estate and possibly a direction of things to come. Tina Tamboer of the Cromford Report brings her exclusive commentary! I’m going to share a wild story about what an agent