What’s hot and what’s not in interior design? Alicia Guerrieri, with Isearchdecor.com and author of “Making it Pop: 5 Step Guide to Professionally Optimizing Your Sale at Maximum Return” joins us to tell us all the new trends coming in and what’s going out.  What are the new colors? What about flooring? Thinking of remodeling? What’s the most important thing to spend your money on? We also talk about the latest in Arizona’s real estate market, find out how fun Cave Creek, AZ and we highlight a great non profit

Are you a woman with a great business idea and don’t know what to do with it?   We have the best resource for you on today’s episode of Own It Girl, That Real Estate Show for Women!!  Melissa Lamson joins us with RecreateNow.org, a group that gets your butt moving on that business or non profit idea!  They have done all the hard work for you so you don’t waste your money making mistakes. Plus is the market starting to cool? Find the latest AZ market information as well,

What You Need To Know About The AZ Homestead Act

Find out about huge changes to the AZ Homestead Act and how it affect you! And why it could mean more bankruptcies.   Join Realtor Diane Brennan, Lender Jonathon, Escrow Officer Andrea Kahan and Maggie Clark with Equity Title as they talk about this and more.    Find out about volunteering at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and take in the Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale CONTACT LIST   Diane Brennan  Coldwell Banker Realty Diane@ThatRealEstateShow.com 602.620.2277 IG: @myrealtordianebrennan @ownitgirl_podcast   Jonathon Keenan NMLS ID#14061 602.721.8037 Bay Equity LLC NMLS ID#76988   Fun Thing to

Self-Employed? What You Need To Know To Get A Home Loan!

Join Realtors Diane Brennan and Ashleigh Herman along with Justin Volpone with Bay Equity Home Loans to talk about what the self employed need to know about getting a home loan.  Get the latest real estate news about what’s happening in Arizona. Other topics include, barking dogs in the neighborhood, sending a text when you are emotional and the group reviews Pitch, a new restaurant in Phoenix. Contact Information: Diane Brennan Coldwell Banker Realty Diane@ThatRealEstateShow.com 602-620-2277 IG:  @myrealtordianebrennan, @ownitgirl_podcast Ashleigh Herman, Realty One Group, ashleigh.f.herman24@gmail.com, 480-532-3140 Justin Volpone Bay Equity

How Long Will AZ Prices Rise?

Jonathon Keenan with Bay Equity Home Loans joins Diane Brennan and Ashleigh Herman to talk about the future of real estate in Arizona. Will home prices continue to rise? If so, for how long? Why do people still think this is a bubble? Find out this and more on today’s episode of Own It Girl! How to Contact Us Diane Brennan, Coldwell Banker Realty  Diane@ThatRealEstateShow.com, 602-620-2277 IG & Tik Tok: @myrealtordianebrennan Ashleigh Herman, Realty One Group, ashleigh.f.herman24@gmail.com, 480-532-3140 Jonathon Keenan, Bay Equity Home Loans  jjkeenan@bayeq.com  602.714.1803 Check out this episode!

We Talk To A Real Sugar Daddy

We talk Arizona real estate as well we talk to a real Sugar Daddy and find out all about this arrangement. Curious? We sure were! On this podcast:  Realtor & Host Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker, Ashleigh Herman with Realty One Group, Courtney Crowder & Stacy Voss with Bay Equity, Marcus, host of “Secrets of a Sugar Daddy” podcast.     (2:48) UNSUNG HEROES PROGRAM – How we help first responders in the Valley buy or sell a home. We contribute 25% of our commission to help the first responder

Shady Agents

Diane & Ashleigh talk about the process of becoming a real estate agent and what you have to do once you get your license. They also talk about the shady and unethical things some real estate agents are doing with multiple offers.  They also talk about home appreciation.     Thanks to our friends at the Cromford Report for their list of ranking cities by average sales price per square foot. The least expensive cities have outperformed the rest. Top spot for annual appreciation is Coolidge, Arizona at 40.5% rate

Real Estate & Great Reads

Join Diane Brennan, Host and Realtor with Coldwell Banker, Ashleigh Herman with Realty One Group, Justin Volpone with Bay Equity Home Loans and Mary Van Alstyne with Landmark Title.    (1:39) We invite first responders to take part in our “Unsung Heroes Program.” Diane and Ashleigh contribute 25% of their commission to the hero. Bay Equity contributes .25% of the total loan amount toward closing costs.  First Responders include active duty military, Veterans, police officers, firefighters, 911 operators, emergency room personnel.    (3:10, 49:39) We are going to try a

Make Sure Your Realtor Does This!!

Join Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker, Ashleigh Herman with Realty One Group, Justin Volpone with Bay Equity Home Loans and Mary Van Alstyne with Landmark Title.   On Own It Girl, we talk about the loud New Year’s Eve this year, pew pew pew. Update on Diane’s red light therapy order disaster and her new sleeping habits. She goes over some of the tips. Learn what to do if you get bumped off your flight. We follow erika @erikakullberg, a lawyer on TikTok and she says what this is called is

Men and Women Christmas Gifts

Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker Realty invites Ashleigh Herman with Realty One Group back to the show! Diane talks about going to see the premiere of the new Kurt Warner movie, American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story. She shares a cool story about Kurt saving the day for her back during her time in sports radio. Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans joins the conversation and he and Brian the producer talk about the Christmas gift buying that went horribly wrong, and Ashleigh and Diane talk about the worst

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