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A very special episode where we feature one of the kindest and coolest non-profits and ask the founder to sit down with us!  Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker Realty jumps right into some news about why she wasn’t able to host the last episode. She talks about getting COVID despite having had her vaccination, and the craziness that followed.  “Diva” Danielle Williams, our Social Community Director jumps in with her response – buying an AIR FRYER! The group talks about how amazing their cooking experiences are and share some fun

Diane Brennan, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Realty and Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans jump in with talk about Diane’s experiences the previous week in Vermont. She shared a funny story about the transportation they ended up with, and more funny stories.  Diva Danielle and Diane shared a story about the people they meet on planes and other public places – with very different experiences! Diane talked about a crazy situation at DC Ranch with Sissoo trees and the millions of dollars in damage that have resulted. Brian,

Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker Realty and Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans talk in depth about a real estate market that should be looked at with a different perspective. It is slowing down, but that should not be looked at as an alarm of things to come. We have experienced some unprecedented growth and the easing off of that does not necessarily mean that there are signs of trouble. Thanks of course to Tina Tamboer of the Cromford Report for a lot of the data included in the

On this episode we talk about a new spa in town, and how much we love massages, pedicures, and more. We talk about cash out refi’s, desktop appraisals, and more. We also take a deep look at new builds. If you’re looking for a place to live, we’ll help you find out where the new builds are. We talk about the still heavy demand, but we’ll help you find some spots in We’ll talk about Meritage and Lansea breaking new ground and a new development in Vistancia. Tom Ross with

It is exhausting keeping up with trends! So we looked to Designer Maria Killam who we love here on the show. Did you know the color grey has been out for over three years? What?!?! Designer Maria Killam says it was over even before the pandemic!! She says buying grey is over!! We’ll talk about where grey is being used primarily, what’s trending now, and some specific items and colors to buy to contrast it. She says the good news is that these tones will warm up all the grey

Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker Realty, Tina Tamboer with the Cromford Report, and Tom Ross of Bay Equity Home Loans talk about how easy it is to get a license to be a realtor in the State of Arizona, and some of the stories about new agents. Tom Ross talks about the buying and selling process as well as some pitfalls to be aware of. Diva Danielle talks about a fun thing to do in the Valley as well as a volunteer opportunity! D Squared Homes needs volunteers to help

Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker Realty and the crew begin by discussing how strange it is in Arizona that the school year starts so early. They also talk about why redheads need more anesthesia when undergoing medical procedures, and the viral TikTok video where the wife throws things at her husband and he ALWAYS catches! Tom Ross with Bay Equity does a deep dive on credit scores. Such critical information you need to know! They talk about myths associated with credit scores, especially spread by on-air celebrities. Tom breaks down

Today Diane Brennan and friends cover a lot of interesting area. We mix it up and touch on a lot of important points, including a conversation that Diane had and wanted to share from Judy Lowe (real estate commissioner), the Wildcat Subdivision nightmares. Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans jumps in and talks with Diane about some of the unintended consequences of this real estate rush. Diane talks about some examples of people getting duped because of the limited options they had while rushing to buy a house and

The eviction moratorium was ended effective July 2021 (although after we recorded the show we found out some of this might be changing). This is a potentially dangerous time for renters. We talk about the possible problems that may arise from this and resources for helping! We didn’t get a chance to talk with Jessica Boehm from the Arizona Republic, but will hope to soon. She wrote this article about it. Somehow we talk about some interesting things we learned about swingers! Find out about certain color accents on houses

What You Need to Know About Listing a Rental with AirBnB

Should you list your house on AirBnB? How does it work and what are the downsides? Diane Brennan and Tina Tamboer dive deep into not only the basic questions, but the larger picture – including how it affects market demand and lots of things most people don’t realize. Diane talks about her experience with a second home first as a rental property, and then later as listed on AirBnB. She talks about the small steps you can take to help make it an amazing experience for guests while keeping your

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