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Empowering Single Moms!

On today’s episode we focus on lending, but more importantly, empowering single moms! We don’t just help you buy or sell a home – we help you thrive in your community! Today we’ll dive into some interesting details when you’re working on the lending part of the home buying process, and Tom Ross with Bay Equity will talk to Courtney Crowder, part of the Bay Equity team. Tom Ross can’t say enough good things about her, and in today’s show we sit down with her and get her take on

Home Loan Mistakes To Avoid

What an episode! When borrowing money for a home there are some pitfalls and tips that are critically important for you to know! We have our lending expert, Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans here to give you some of the most important things to keep in mind when borrowing money for a home loan.  We jump into a new version of “Defend the Caveman”, and we’ll let the guys choose… Spitting or Bad Breath.. We have Jennifer Caraway in studio with us. She’s part of “Diva” Danielle’s segment

Helping Our Unsung Heroes Get Into a Home

Today we dive into our program for unsung heroes. I’ll start by telling a nightmare date for one of my friends, and get Tom Ross and our producer Jason’s assessment of the situation – it’s pretty funny. Tom Ross with Bay Equity and I are part of an Unsung heroes program. It’s not just your typical “slight” discount for service members. Tom and I will discuss how it works and who is covered. Another aspect of this is that we also cover 911 operators, who are largely overlooked with typical

Women Switching Gears in Careers

The problem with job displacement in the new world of COVID-19 is very real, and very hard on families. Women, if you’re displaced from your job or find yourself having to scramble and switch gears in your career, this episode is for you! I’ll talk about having to pivot with jobs, how you can plan with a revised resume (and what to expect with “key words” in it), how interviews have changed and MUCH more! We will sit down with Lasetta Hogans, Executive Director of the Phoenix Business and Workforce

Cheating On Your Realtor

On today’s episode we’ll jump right in with our knucklehead of the week – a buyer’s agents that showed home with garage and all doors wide open in 110 degrees! We congratulate Laura on her second home – Own It Girl! Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans talks about what these lenders that are offering incredibly low interest rates are “actually” doing, and what you need to think about when considering that rate.  And for all those people that, when it comes to real estate, say “I don’t know

Makeup, Marijuana, and What Happens to Your Loan After You Buy Your House!

On today’s episode, we dive right in and talk about a showing I took a client to. We went into the garage as part of the tour (of course) and were met by a wall of marijuana! Not exactly the way someone should show a home. Today we talk to Nicole Evans with Leidan Mitchell Salon. She’s my personal hairdresser and image consultant. She’ll talk about makeup, looking your best, and much more. If you’d like to reach her, check out her Instagram page @believing_in_beauty, or call her at 360-521-6465.

Diva Danielle’s Inspiring Story

In this episode we talk about my wonderful friend and our social community director, “Diva” Danielle Williams, and the fight for her life. Danielle has stage four lung cancer, and she shares how she found out about it, what she is doing to fight it, and how you can help. This story is amazing – and I think you’ll find her positivity inspirational. To support her in this fight, we ask that you go to her  GoFundMe page here. We talk about this hot real estate market and those signs

Dress for Success

In this episode we finally have Tom Ross with Bay Equity back in studio! He’ll tell us about Carmel, California, and we’ll see if he can handle all the pressure of being around all of us women again!  He and I will talk about the real estate market, and specifically the performance of the greater Phoenix area. We’ll talk about the monthly average sale price per square foot, why it’s up, and what it means. I talk about Sedona, my Achilles heel injury, and the HCG diet. “Diva” Danielle talks

NO Housing Crashes and NO Wrinkles!

Today we dispel a mistaken assumption that the real estate market is crashing. We are in the trenches and have the Cromford Report data on our side that tells us a very different story. We’ll dive into that and we believe you’ll agree – it’s a seller’s market and there are lots of opportunities in this market! Tom Ross with Bay Equity dives further into it as we go into determining mortgage payments, and why mortgage calculators might not be a good idea compared to asking your lender specifically. There

Chandler, Self Care & NFL Athletes

What a fun episode we have for you!! The regular cast of characters is here, but we got to sit down with some former NFL players and talk about body recovery and self-care. Jude Adjei-Barimah and Gabe Martin with Pro Recovery Zone at the Biltmore Fashion Park are in studio with us today! Ladies we’re going to learn why what you do after exercise may be just as (if not more) important than your workouts. Danielle and I did a body restoration experience last week and we must talk about

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