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Real Estate and Make Up

On today’s episode special guest, Victoria Thompson, founder of we Steel Rise – her non profit helps Veteran women who have been incarcerated get back on their feet. Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker Realty first congratulates the Rogers family; Michelle, Adam & Lily. They did get their offer accepted on a beautiful piece of property in Cave Creek, walking distance to all the great restaurants and bars and Frontier Town, amazing. They’re going to remodel and we can’t wait to follow their journey and see what they do with the

Tapping Into Equity

We jump in fast and furious right at the start of the show! A lot of times some great moments and conversations accidentally happen before we start recording. We decide to jump into a fun poll that we started to discuss, then paused for the show. Best dad in a 90’s sitcom is one of the topics covered. We talk to “Diva” about a standup act coming up for her at the Desert Rose in Glendale on May 21st! Click here for tickets! We jump into a quick conversation about

Real Estate, Real Life

Today, Diane Brennan starts off by apologizing for last week’s episode. The timing of a deal falling out and something that happened with an ex. Danielle and Chief tell her that her show was great.  Diane tells about The Commitment Phobe by Emily Wilcox, a book she talked about last week. To her point about thinking the show was bad, she said she didn’t do it justice. She took the opportunity to tell a bit more about it. Diane talks about a procedure that she had done by Dr. Stefanie

Real Estate & Relationships

On today’s episode, Tom Ross is off this week, so Diane and Danielle have a “women only” show!  Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker Realty will talk about some direct responses to some of the myths out there about this market being in some kind of “bubble”. The myths couldn’t be more false.  Some of the Myths About the Arizona Housing Market Today’s mini-boom cannot be sustained Few people foresaw the housing market crash 15 years ago that ignited a worldwide recession Fueled by low interest rates, loose mortgage lending standards,

Light At the End of the Tunnel?

On this episode, Diane Brennan of Coldwell Banker Realty talks about some unfortunate things she saw from a selling agent in Chandler. Dirty houses, and more! Why don’t agents help coach their clients? Even in this market some of the basics get overlooked. The crew also discusses a very important thing; guys, are you standing up or sitting down when you pee? Diane discusses the responsibilities for each person about cleaning the bathroom as well. Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans talks about the state of Arizona real estate

Waiving Appraisals No Bueno

On this episode, Diane Brennan of Coldwell Banker Realty and Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans talk about the problems with waiving an appraisal. Tom goes in depth about the pros and cons. They start with a story from Tom’s date night with his wife, then talk about voting for Danielle in her nomination for Best TV Personality in AZ Central’s Best of the Desert 2021. Click the link to vote! It only takes a moment and is sincerely appreciated. Resources and Links: To reach Diane: Facebook is /ThatRealEstateShow

Why There’s NO Housing Bubble!

On this episode, Diane Brennan of Coldwell Banker Realty and Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans work hard to dispel the continued hype that somehow this market will fall apart. NOT TRUE! They give some hard facts that will give you the myriad reasons why. Diane talks about Diva’s special coming up this weekend where she is featured as a cancer survivor. She also shares some really funny stuff from TikTok – hilarious and helpful content! The gang talks to Chief (the producer) about his interview he did at

Learning Millennial & Lending

Today’s episode is without Tom Ross, our go to expert on loans, but we have two great members of his crew at Bay Equity – Justin Volpone & Stacey Voss!  Together we’ll talk about this crazy market, talk about the world of millennials (they are a couple of fantastic examples) and find out about Stacey Voss’ signature move! “Diva” talks about a fun thing to do with COPS Classics and Custom Car show (check it out here on Facebook), and a volunteer opportunity with a 2ND ACT – where women who

Investing and Saving Taxes

On today’s episode Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker Realty and the crew talk about online dating, and give their thoughts on Diane’s dating profile.  They also talk to Susan Czubek with She discusses some incredible and interesting ways to manage your tax burden in a smart way, using a qualified retirement plan. If you haven’t filed yet – YOU MUST CHECK OUT THIS EPISODE!  Tom Ross talks about interest rates and contrasts them with this unique period in real estate history – Diane talks about how intense this seller’s

Real Estate & Vasectomies

On today’s show – boy did we get distracted! So much fun – but we went on an interesting journey on the road to vasectomies! Diane Brennan hosts this fun episode that talks about Tom Ross about an interesting dilemma… Good news – we also talk about real estate 😉 We discuss the state of the Phoenix market and Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans talks about why you should not listen to national headlines when it comes to the Phoenix market. We talk about addictive apps on devices

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