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The Right Answer to “Why Are You Selling?”

So you’re trying to sell your fabulous home in Phoenix or Scottsdale or Chandler or wherever you may be in this gorgeous Valley. I’ll lay out the scene… A Realtor brings a potential buyer into your home.  The buyer turns to you and asks “Why are you selling?” We’ll come back to the answer in just a minute but first, let me interrupt and say… What are you doing in the home?  Best place for a seller to be is out of the house. There are a few reasons. First,

Most Affordable & Least Affordable Places To Live In The Valley

If you’re looking to a buy a home in the Valley or the Phoenix metro area, the Cromford Report has put together a list of the cheapest and most expensive areas to buy.  They include the average price per square foot for 41 places in Arizona. Check out the chart below. As you can see, Paradise Valley is the most expensive at $269.83 per square foot which is almost half a percentage higher than last year.  Carefree, Arizona comes in at number two at $201.41 per square foot and Scottsdale