The Right Answer to “Why Are You Selling?”

So you’re trying to sell your fabulous home in Phoenix or Scottsdale or Chandler or wherever you may be in this gorgeous Valley.

I’ll lay out the scene…

A Realtor brings a potential buyer into your home.  The buyer turns to you and asks “Why are you selling?”

We’ll come back to the answer in just a minute but first, let me interrupt and say…

What are you doing in the home?  Best place for a seller to be is out of the house.

There are a few reasons.

First, you make people feel uncomfortable.  It’s not you, it’s anyone selling a house makes a potential buyer feel that way.

They feel that they’re interrupting, inconveniencing and intruding on your space.

They can’t relax and enjoy your home.  They’re rushed and just want to get out.

That’s not going to help anyone. You, the seller, and definitely not the potential buyer.

The buyers don’t know  what just happened but he/she doesn’t like the feeling they gets while in your house and they’re gone to the next house which has no sellers present and they buy it.

You want to let the buyer imagine themselves in the home not see you there.

You want them to feel comfortable.

That means you….need to go.

Back to the question of what your answer should be if you don’t heed my advice and you’re in the home and the buyer turns to you and asks why your selling.

Your reply.


LInda and I were talking about this on That Real Estate Show on December 15, 2012 take a listen.

LInda thought answering like that sounded like it was something she wouldn’t say or not part of her vernacular.  I suggested let’s try it and you know what?  It sounded good.

Here’s the reason.

Telling a person that you have bought another house will cost you thousands of dollars.

Telling a person that you want to move school districts will cost you thousands of dollars.

You’re giving them ammunition to low ball you on an offer. You’ve already told them you’re in a hurry and need to sell.  In both scenarios you need to sell.  We all know when the school year starts to you have to hustle to get moved and we all know no one wants to pay two mortgages so you gots to go.

Poof…there went your bargaining power.

Repeat after me…

My housing needs have changed.

My housing needs have changed.

Linda tried it and is now a believer

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Diane Brennan

Diane is the host of Own It Girl! that podcast for women. She has spent over 20 years in radio broadcasting in both Canada and the U.S. and has turned her passion into a full time career, combining her loves of podcast and real estate. Diane is licensed at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.

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