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Don’t Use the Builder’s Lender

On today’s show we dive deep into why you should not use your builder’s lender! But first…. Tom Ross with Bay Equity is back and his vacation to Hawaii with his wife was great and he’ll tell us all about that! He said that it is unfortunate how hard Hawaii has been hit by the COVID economy and talks about it felt great to help participate. Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker Realty dives into a topic that Tom missed bits and pieces of and recruits the help of the entire

Meet Justin & Courtney From Bay Equity

On today’s episode, since Tom Ross is in Hawaii we got the chance to see a few of the other members of the Bay Equity team! Justin Volpone and Courtney Crowder join us and we had so much fun. I’m Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker Realty and on our podcast we don’t just buy and sell real estate, we help you connect and thrive in the community. We talk about what they focus on over at Bay Equity, and the state of the markets. We also talk about my mom’s

Kitchen Remodel Mistakes

Diane Brennan, with Coldwell Banker Realtor, Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans, and “Diva” Danielle Williams (our social community director) sit down today with their in studio guest, Jen the Builder! They had so much fun with her last week that they brought her on to continue some great discussions! This time they cover mistakes to avoid in a kitchen remodel, and Jen’s “cupboard” business (as if she’s not busy enough!) Jen the Builder is on Instagram @jen_the_builder, or visit We talk to Tom about how long he

Kitchen Remodel Mistakes

We have Jen the Builder back in studio! Alongside her business partner Allison, they will give you some really important things to know about kitchen remodel mistakes to avoid. Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans talks about some of the things people forget to tell their lender that end up backfiring, we get Brian in studio to fill in for “Chief” – so we’ll get to ask him directly about that video promo he thought would be funny in our “Defend the Caveman” segment. “Diva” talks about a fun

Real Estate and Learning

On our 50th episode, Diane Brennan is back! Danielle and Tom discuss the week previous and how they fared while Diane was out.  On today’s show we’ll talk about lending with Tom Ross, and we talked about ‘Defend the Caveman’ segment and our video promo producer made a judgement call and used a bit of a crude meme at the end of the promo we used a couple of weeks ago. We’ll review and decide what the crew thinks, plus talk about some other crude behavior. We’ll talk about the

Pick up Lines and Post Election Life

On today’s episode we have a bit of fun while Diane is away for the week! We will talk about a lot of interesting things, including; Cheesy pick up lines! We’ll talk with Tom Ross of Bay Equity, who frankly can hardly remember the lines because they were so long ago, but he has a real shocker he heard back in his days he was single and in a band. “Chief” the producer has a couple of very funny and straightforward lines he delivered as well. We talk about how

Pet Sounds and Pickup Lines

In this episode we sort of jump into a conversation that started off air! I kind of intended it to be that way, but we had to cover it. It has to do with opinions about what makes certain guys feel that they can approach certain types of women with much closer to “inappropriate” conversation than others. In the “Defend the Caveman” segment, we’ll talk about one word Danielle received by text. “MEOW”! It’s an off an on text from a guy and we will poll our guys and see

Sex Talk AND Home Loan Talk?

On this episode we dive into talk about sex (or the lack there of) and supporting each other as we ladies get older. We’ll take a bit of a deeper dive with Tom Ross of Bay Equity to talk about some of the questions and problems he’s been getting the past week about the lending process, and how long interest rates are expected to stay low. “Diva” Danielle will tell us about a cool thing to do in Tempe on Sunday, and an incredible volunteer opportunity with Impact One, a

Fresh Starts and Dumb Agents

Today’s episode is all about fresh starts. We talk about the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation! Our discussion includes a couple of things to keep in mind when dealing with clients! Courtney Crowder with Bay Equity is on the show to talk about Domestic Violence Awareness Month this month. She’s a board member of Fresh Start, an organization that helps women who are taking small steps toward a new career to making big life changes. We’ll talk about “unsolicited pics” (I think you women know what I mean) in our “Defend

SHOCKING News in Arizona Real Estate

In this episode we’re covering a very scary thing in Arizona real estate that most people don’t know about! Trenton Edward and his wife Gretchen with The Bid Group will talk about third party debt collectors who have bought up charged off debt for very low cost. Many of these homeowners first find out by receiving a notice that their home is being put up for auction! We’ll talk all about that. You can reach Trenton at 480-828-2005 or I’m joined of course by Tom Ross with Bay Equity

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